Custom electronics and sensors can expand your range of creative output and greatly evolve the scope of possibility when creating new and unique experiences. Are you in need of support with your interactive electronics projects?
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Experienced in stage technologies, video-systems, show-control and event media production as well as programming, automation, hardware integration and interaction design, We can implement custom solutions for interactive and creative applications and theater controls and performance arts alike.
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Make concrete steps toward production goals! ~What are the limits of today's technology? Has anything changed recently that might add value to your production goals? These are my favorite questions!
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Using generative and procedural techniques for video and motion graphics, We can produce beautiful and mesmerizing visuals, motion graphics, animations and custom interactive effects.

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Looking to expand and grow your media production capacity? Not sure what to invest in or why? illusiontechnique can help you navigate your business' or project's needs and provide sound technical advice and guidance. Let us help you implement your experiential or mobile XR products and demos, interactive devices, render-Farms, CG/Video Workstations, Media Servers, Real-Time playback systems and more!

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